How Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing Help Each Other

29 Feb

Social media marketing and email marketing are among the most common online marketing strategies that are employed across the globe. With the arrival of internet marketing, there have been a lot of changes in the marketing front. There are so many ‘new’ things that have been added, whereas other things have been phased out. Take for instance, how many companies are investing heavily in the use of posters to market their products? There are just a few of them, but you will find thousands of online banners being posted on one site or another.

A majority of marketers employ social media sites and social media management software for their marketing strategies. It is not exactly the easiest way to promote your product but then, it is very cheap. It also brings in lots of results. People are constantly on their phones and tablets. Therefore, it will take a miracle for them to see the banners when you hang them on some building, or over some road. Post the banner on social media and you will capture the attention of millions of people across the globe.

It is not enough to capture their attention; you have to draw them to your site and keep them there for as long as is possible. When you maintain communication with your prospective customers, you will definitely get conversions at some point. This is where you make use of both social media marketing and email marketing. Social media marketing can help you grow a very large email database. Email marketing can help you grow your social media campaigns. It is one relationship that you should try as much as possible to tap into.

Cultivating a healthy email database

One thing that you will love most about email marketing is that it can be as personal as you would want it to be. The only thing you should beware of is spamming people’s inboxes. You do not want to people to mark your mail as spam. This means that you should send the relevant emails while sticking to a schedule. Social media comes in to help you grow a relationship with these individuals.

It is one thing to have a large database containing emails of thousands of prospective clients, and it is another totally different thing to be able to use it properly. This is where database administrators come in to help out. Many people tend to assume that the work of a database administrator is to grow and protect the database but this is not the case. There are so many ways that a DBA can help you as you develop your database. They will be very instrumental in the database design stage, all through to the maintenance and management.

Managing the data that is coming into the database, as well as that which is stored in the database is not exactly the easiest of tasks. It is important to have an expert who will capture the right content as it comes into your database and make sure that you are able to achieve the best results at all times. Database management will be such an effortless task if you have the best DBA backing you up.

The social media platforms that you have employed in your business will be a good place to capture the most relevant individuals who will help market your business. There is no way you will benefit by sending a fashion designer emails concerning your business that deals with landscaping and renting lawn mowers. These individuals are just not relevant to your business at all. They will not help at all in growing the business.

Your database should contain details concerning your prospects. There are things that they are constantly posting online. Check the general theme of their posts and what they share on their social media profiles. This will be of great help in determining the individuals who are going to be of most help to your branding efforts and online marketing activities. It will also help you as you are creating your email marketing strategy. The marketing will be more focused and will thus bring in better results.

Points worth keeping in mind

When it comes to social media marketing, and even email marketing, there are several things that you need to keep in mind at all times. These include:

  • Timing

Timing is everything in business. If you do not work according to the rules of time, you will be very disappointed. To get the most conversions when you are dealing with social media marketing and email marketing, you should make an effort to post content and send email messages at the right time. The perfect time to do this is when everyone seems to be online. During the lunch hours, early morning as people are commuting to work, and in the evening when they are trying to get home, you will find lots of people online. Posting content online at midnight does not attract a lot of attention.

  • Focus

What is it that you want your prospective customers to do? Give your marketing campaigns focus and they will bring in great returns. You have notified them that you have an offer for something like men’s fashion through the email. Therefore, what is it that you want them to do? Be clear, precise and straight to the point.

  • Schedule your mailing

The worst thing that can happen to you in your efforts to conduct online marketing is to be added to a person’s spam mail list. You do not want to go there. This usually happens when you send lots of email messages within a very short time and the content is not relevant to the individual. This is why you should employ social media to find out what people are interested in. Use this information in your email marketing and then employ a mailing schedule. It always helps when a person can almost guess when they will receive the next mail from you. Using social media marketing schedulers analyzes optimal times for posting and allows you to schedule in advance, or post on the spot.

Bottom line

Your business can achieve a lot from social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. It is important to make sure that you get in touch with a team of experts who are going to help your campaigns gain the success that they deserve. A database with people’s information will prove most beneficial in your online marketing efforts.

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