LinkedIn Groups Get Makeover

26 Oct

LinkedIn Groups got a makeover  recently, along with and its first-ever iOS mobile app. Some of the changes are extensions and modernizations of existing features, but other improvements could help Groups members keep the ideas and conversation flowing.

The professional social network recently made some policy changes to Groups, and it is now following up with an iOS app and new look and feel for the desktop experience. Some longtime Groups users see the redesign as a welcome change, while others are unimpressed.

People with common interests have connected on LinkedIn Groups for more than a decade. After it launched in 2004, the feature quickly became one of the platform’s most popular, fastest-growing and widely adopted offerings.

LinkedIn Groups members can now add images to their posts and mention other users. The company says it cut back on clutter, spam and promotional content within Groups. The navigation panel is also simpler, and LinkedIn significantly increased the amount of open space on the pages.

The design changes are among the most notable tweaks to LinkedIn Groups. The clean layout made it easier to find the Groups users are  regularly participating in each day.

The posting process on desktop remains mostly the same, but the iOS app experience improved. Information is more accessible and interacting with Group members seems easier. It also seems that a 50-Group-per-user limit appears to have been removed.

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