Facebook Business Manager – are you ready?

16 Feb

By now, most advertisers would have been notified by Facebook Ads to migrate to Business Manager – a tool to help businesses and agencies manage Pages, ad accounts and permission levels. With the increasing complexity of advertising activities and teams involved with Facebook advertising, this is necessary tool that would bring about many positive benefits for advertisers in the long run.

So how do we get started? The migration can be a complex process for Advertisers and Agencies with several ad accounts and pages, so you need to plan before you act.

Follow these recommendations set out by Facebook

Identify who should set up the Business Manager
As the first step you’ll need to identify a person in the company who will set up the Business Manager. Here are a few criteria that will help you identify the right person. They must be an admin on the primary Facebook
Page to set up Business Manager. The initial admin could be:

  • The person who manages the business’ primary Facebook Page and permissions, or the business’ main ad account.
  • A ‘social media manager’ or similar role who oversees and manages social media accounts and teams for the business.
  • The person responsible for onboarding new team members, setting up company emails and giving them access to the tools they need to do their job.

After identifying who should set up the Business Manager, add other admins for additional support. All admins have the same level access and there is no master admin role.

All admins will be able to give access to partners (ex: media agencies, creative agencies, social agencies and PMDs) to work on their Pages and ad accounts.
Build the right structure – basic guidelines

  • Create one Business Manager for each line of credit or currency.
  • If the company operates in a way that is siloed with limited transparency across lines of businesses(brands, divisions, regions), create one Business Manager for each line of business.
  • If the company has open transparency across lines of businesses, create one Business Manager and use labels to organize business assets for teams within a single business.

Potential considerations for businesses and agencies

  • Global Pages do not necessarily need to be together, depending on the business’s preference.
  • Admins should not share logins and/or personal login credentials across different Business Managers. Add as many admins as your business needs to manage team permissions on ad accounts and Pages. All admins have equal access in Business Manager, there is no “master admin” with more control than another.

Ad accounts

  • If you have a business-owned direct line of credit with Facebook that is not shared to other Business Managers, your business can now set up new ad accounts using the self-service tool after a one-time set up. Please reach out to your Facebook rep to facilitate the set up.
  • Claiming an ad account in Business Manager is a permanent action, once taken it cannot be removed. Make sure you’ve thought through the best structure for your business before going through this step.

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