Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design – Again

14 Apr

Another day, another Twitter page redesign. No sooner have we just got over the last incarnation than they have got restless and changed it again. As I often say to Facebook when they bring out their latest redesign, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

The new design has a lot of space (which will be good for claustrophobic tweeters), and a lot of white. The biggest selling point, as far as Twitter is concerned, is the fact that you can have a much bigger header image, stretching right across the page, a much bigger profile photo, and being able to highlight your best tweets.

For example, here is singer John Legend‘s profile :

johnlegend 640x382   Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design   Again

And here is actor Zac Efron‘s :

zacefron 640x310   Twitter Changes The Profile Page Design   Again

The designs are not bad. In fact, they are the exact opposite – they’re really good. Apart from the enlarged pictures, what else is new? Well for a start, popular tweets will appear on the page with a slightly larger font so people can see them better. You can also pin a tweet of your choosing to the top of the page, which is interesting. This is supposedly so you can define yourself to your followers.

The last change is a set of filters for when you are looking at other Twitter profiles. You can now choose from tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies.

Twitter is “pulling a Google” and releasing this new design in stages. So if you don’t see it yet on your profile, don’t wail and gnash your teeth in despair. You will get it soon. Enjoy it while it lasts – I’m sure the Twitter design team is hard at work on the next profile design.


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