3 Steps to Leverage Social Media Marketing

26 Aug

Investing in marketing campaigns can be nerve-wracking for business owners. When you have limited resources, you must be strategic with your budget, and every marketing investment has to pay off. This is why social media campaigns tend to be the first thing that gets cut. Although free to set up, they take valuable staff resources to manage, and the return on investment (ROI) is not always apparent.

While launching a social media campaign for your business likely won’t bring leads and sales pouring in your door tomorrow, when you implement a few strategies, you’ll find it much easier to drive a positive ROI that benefits your organization for years to come.  Here are seven ways business owners can leverage their social media efforts so they translate into real sales.

1. Reframe Your Outlook

Many businesses fail at social media because they think it means Facebook or Twitter when it’s actually much more than that. Rather than putting labels on it, think of social media as a concept. It’s actually about engaging with your audience in a broader way.

Traditional media has always been one directional—you place an ad, the customer calls, and you have an offline private conversation. Social media allows businesses to interact with their community in a public online forum. That openness and transparency is scary to many business owners, but it’s exactly what customers crave.

2. Start Small

As you delve into social media, begin with the platforms that can make the biggest difference for you. Usually, this means starting with the three main platforms that can drive results and interaction: Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Depending on your business model, there may be others. However, if you’re just getting started, this is a great set in which to begin.

  • Facebook has highest adoption rate, and people of all ages spend time on this social media platform, thus giving you great exposure.
  • While LinkedIn is not consumer-focused like Facebook, it can help with business-to-business sales, vendor connections, recruiting and other business needs.
  • Although YouTube is a bigger investment than the others, consumers resonate with different types of content, and YouTube videos tend to pay off in the long term.

3. Don’t Be Boring

Guess what … Your brand, services, mission statement and corporate values are boring. Although they may represent you as a company, they don’t represent the human element and personality of your team. Social media is not about only building a community but engaging your customers. Doing that requires you to show some serious personality.


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