Staying Optimistic in Social Media Marketing

5 Aug

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full?

“Would you say this glass is half empty or full?” That is the question. When looking at that glass what does your mind tell you? This is a great way to gauge at your outlook on your Social Media Marketing (SMM). Do you look at your SMM and think, “Meh, I guess that’s the best we can do.” Or do you look at it and say, “Awesome, look at what we have done, but what can we do now to improve?”

Do you look at your SMM and pull your hair out? Perhaps you’ve lost your hair already from the stress. Or do you stand up straight and look at the challenge and meet it head on and smiling the whole way through? How do you keep optimistic in the ever changing world of social media marketing?

1. Have a Plan

Always have a plan of attack. Is your plan clear, clean, and simple, or is it convoluted and complex? Complex sounds nice, but in the long run simplicity wins out. It’s great to stay simple because it allows for easy modifications when needed, leading to less stress and hair pulling. When it’s simple it is also easier to see the end goal and when you can see goals being achieved its makes for an easier work environment. It also makes it easier for your troops to be organized and be efficient. Keep it clean, keep it simple.

2.  Be Active

To get rid of stress is constantly active work; work out those SMM muscles. If you don’t use it your lose it. Your SMM muscles will atrophy. So make sure you are active on the Social Media sites you have chosen to use. Make sure your presence is known. So pick up the weights of Facebook and jump of the treadmill of Twitter to work out your stress. It’s hard not to feel optimistic when you’re constantly doing something.

3.  Celebrate in your Success

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to give yourself a pat on the back when something good happens. How can you keep optimistic when even after your success you are still beating yourself down. So jump up and do a little dance, have a good laugh, and then get active again. Celebrate and be happy, but don’t forget that there is still work to be done, so get back to being active so you can do another dance later.

4.  Smile

Put on a happy face. When you smile it’s hard not to either be or get into an optimistic mood. Either you will be happy or you’ll start laughing at yourself because you think you’re being ridiculous and smile anyway.  Smiling is contagious. When you smile other people will be happy as well. People can even tell in your SMM if you are happy, just like you can tell when someone is smiling over the phone, you can just tell.

In conclusion, make sure you plan, are active, celebrate your successes and smile. At times it can be hard to stay optimistic, but follow these steps and you’ll become a “Glass half full” person and not feel like you’re “half empty” in your social media marketing.


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