Facebook Verified Pages Helps Increase Brand Authenticity!

3 Jun

​Social media’s biggest player, Facebook, recently launched a verification system to authenticate Pages for easy search discovery. With the breadth of fake accounts plaguing all social media networks today, these sites must find ways to point members in the right direction so they can connect with celebrities, journalists, government officials and big brands. Facebook members will know the social media content posted to these accounts is endorsed and produced by the companies themselves.

Facebook’s verified Pages feature will implant a small, blue check mark (similar to Twitter’s own service) next to these official accounts’ names on their timelines and search results. The company is reserving its feature for a small group of public figures with large audiences, and will eventually roll it out to a wider audience. Facebook users can learn more about verified Pages and profiles in the Help Center located on the Facebook platform.

It has been suggested that  U.S. social media marketing budgets will increase 31.6 percent this year and total $4.2 billion. The addition of verified Pages may make it easier for corporations to attract online consumers to their official hubs because people will know its monitored by brands directly.

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