Social Media Marketing Got You Stumped?

24 Sep

Are you having trouble managing all your social media accounts? With so many articles and special reports on the topic of social media marketing, you would think it was a complicated topic. But at its core, it’s not really hard to understand at all. Using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find new clients is more like “old-style” marketing techniques of networking and word-of-mouth advertising than anything else.

When you think of them in that way, working with these sites seems less daunting. In fact, it seems more like the other things you already do to grow your company. To see what we mean, here are three easy ways to get more from social media marketing:

 1. Have custom profile designs. In the old days of networking, having the right look and materials (a nice suit, good business card, etc.) was important. In the same way, having custom profiles designed for your Facebook and Twitter accounts not only makes an immediate strong impression, it helps you stand out in the crowd.

2. Post regularly to your social media profiles. As anyone who spent lots of time networking in the past can tell you, it wasn’t something you did once and forgot about – building relationships took lots of small efforts and gestures. The same applies to social media marketing, where posting regularly to your accounts and slowly building up a following is the name of the game.

 3. Be friendly and funny (but still professional). Perhaps the biggest mistake people make on social media sites (at least professionally) is the same one they make when meeting other business contacts in the real world: finding the right mix between being personable and staying professional. If you struggle to locate the right style, begin by imitating someone whose social media marketing efforts you admire. Over time, you’ll find your own voice.

These three tips might not tell you everything you need to know about social media marketing, but they’ll give you a big leg up on your competitors. So, get out there and give them a try today.


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