How to Make Your Facebook Welcome Page More Inviting!

23 Jan

When you shop in the real world, where are you more likely to spend your money; in a store where the staff are rude and uninterested, or where the staff are friendly and attentive?

Obviously the latter. The welcome tab on your Facebook page can have a similar effect on your target audience, and mean the difference between getting or not getting a ‘like’. Here are some essential considerations for creating a great welcome tab.

Define your objectives: First up, you need to consider what your businesses objectives are – as these will guide what actions you want your users to take on your page. For example; do you want your page to build awareness for your brand? Do you want to generate hype for a particular product/service? Do you want to build engagement with your customers? Knowing what you want to achieve with your page overall will help you determine what to include in your welcome tab.

Use prominent branding: It should go without saying, but you’ll want to make your branding prominent on your welcome tab – it helps people identify who they’re dealing with and builds familiarity.

Tell them what to expect: Your welcome tab will be the first point of contact for both people who are familiar with your brand already, along with those who aren’t. So there are three main things you’ll want to convey quickly; who you are and what you do (for those unfamiliar with your brand), and what they can expect from your page i.e. discounts, exclusive product info etc.

CTA’s: Okay so you’ve got your branding up and people can see what you do, and what to expect from the page – now it’s time to give them a bit of a push in your desired direction with a call to action (CTA). For many businesses, their first call to action is a request to ‘like’ the page. This makes sense for most, as it provides you the opportunity to market to the user on an ongoing basis. Other businesses goals may be different though, for instance you may be trying to build your email list – in this case it would pay to have a signup form on your welcome tab, or if you’re pushing sales of a particular product you might include a link to the page they can purchase it from.

Utilize ‘gating’: Gating refers to requiring users to take a specific action before accessing certain elements of your page. For example, you may be offering a free ebook, or running a competition which requires the user to ‘like’ your page before they may obtain the ebook or enter the competition. While there are varying opinions on gating; it is a proven method of gleaning likes.

Share other platforms: Finally, don’t forget to include links to your other social profiles on your welcome tab. Twitter, Google+, your blog – whatever you have profiles on, make sure you share these.

Finally – you’ll need to attend to the actual building of the welcome tab. There are three main options; hire a designer/developer to do it for you, use a Facebook app to create it yourself, or if you’re pretty confident with html you could try building it yourself from scratch using the static html iframe app.

Do you find facebook pages with welcome tabs more appealing than those without?


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