Hot Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips!

21 Nov

Thanksgiving is just days away with the Christmas rush following! Most businesses will be pushing special promotions between now and the start of 2012, meaning the social space will grow even more crowded and marketers will have to be on their game, 24/7.   Here are some tips to help you get ahead and succeed in your social media campaigns this holiday season.

#1: Develop a strategic plan and set realistic goals.  Figure out what it is exactly you’d like to accomplish with social media this holiday season and how you can incorporate these goals into your overall marketing campaign.  Next, determine which strategies you’ll implement to support and meet said goals.  With a clear plan already set in place, you won’t have to worry when your brain starts to grow fuzzy from eggnog and an excessive amount of baked goods.

# 2: Share excellent content.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – content is king.   First, develop a calendar weeks in advance to stay focused and organized, which will ultimately enable you to devote more resources to customer service.  Second, share special deals and promotions with your fans and followers, but remember that the holiday season is a time when many people are stressed and could also use some advice or a pick-me-up.  Depending on your target audience, try adding light-hearted photos or comic strips, fun facts and trivia questions and gift-giving advice.

#3: Collect valuable user-generated content.   Ask fans to share their great experiences with your brand, to post photos of themselves interacting with your brand in some way, or to review some of the products or services your brand has to offer.  Fans love to give their opinions and share their experiences, and this valuable content can be used throughout the year.

#4: Have a knowledgeable team ready to field all customer questions and complaints.  As fun and wonderful as it may be, the holiday season can bring out the scrooge in even the merriest of holiday shoppers.  Train your social media team in advance so they are well-equipped to respond to any questions or complaints in an efficient, helpful and cheerful way.  Also make sure members of your team are especially prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Eve.

#5: Be strategic with Facebook Ads.  With so many people advertising with Facebook Ads this holiday season, it’s going to be even harder and more expensive to achieve visibility and to drive traffic.  Think outside the box in terms of targeting – everyone will be targeting moms because they’re the ones doing the shopping, but what unique angle can you take to tap into other less crowded markets?

#6: Be creative with your promotions.  Most brands will be running some kind of promotion, and most of these promotions will be giving away an iPad.  How can your brand differentiate itself with a promotion? Think of unique prize ideas and fun and interesting ways to frame your promotion to make it stand out in a sea of iPad giveaways.

#7: Make use of holiday hashtags and trending topics on Twitter.  With over 250 million tweets being sent out each day, it can be tough to achieve brand visibility.  Take advantage of popular holiday hashtags, such as #Thanksgiving, #BlackFriday, #CyberMonday and many more.  Also be sure to check in on daily trending topics each morning and consider how they can be used to leverage your brand.

#8: Attach colorful, festive photos to your Facebook posts.  Take advantage of the quality real estate images now have in the News Feed.  Fans love eye candy, and really, who can blame them?

#9: Ask fans to share photos from their own holiday festivities.  From family portraits to ugly sweater parties to delicious Thanksgiving feasts, fans love to share photos of their friends and family, holiday gatherings and cooking conquests. Encourage them to share these photos and you’ll receive an influx of great user-generated content and an increase in engagement.

Comment below and tell us how your business plans on maximizing your social presence this holiday season and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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