Tips to Increase your Business’ Facebook Presence

12 Sep

I had the pleasure of attending a webinar today presented by Social Media Examiner entitled “9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and What You Need to Know”.  Guest speakers Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner provide indepth examinations of 9 companies Facebook profiles.  These companies ranged from B2B to B2C companies and small business to large brands.

Following is a list of points and tips that I took from this webinar.  These hints will help you to boost your existing Facebook presence and engage your existing Facebook fan base.  Also, these tips will allow you to gain new connections via Facebook.

  • Send to a friend app
  • Be bigger than your brand
  • Compelling content
  • Use creative photos
  • Encourage fans to upload their own photos-good way to share and provide social proof
  • Short posts (80 or less words)
  • Effective questions in status posts
  • Post regularly
  • Timing of posts important
  • Download a coupon
  • Interactive welcome page with creative use of hot spots
  • Use video to instruct and inspire Facebook comment plug in app
  • Integrate blog
  • Manual blog posts to Facebook
  • Ask poll questions
  • Donations for likes
  • Avatar and photo strip
  • Refer or tell friends app
  • Draw attention to tabs
  • Use avatar to reinforce campaigns
  • Integrate retail store in Facebook site
  • Rules of posting (what your business will post and how fans should interact)
  • Give reason to like your page (contents, news and coupons)
  • Facebook places to check in
  • Have fun with your brand
  • Add join our mailing list tab
  • Fan of the week
  • Integrate with website
  • Speak in first person when writing status updates
  • Mix manual posts with automated posts
  • Take advantage of photo strips
  • Cross promote on Facebook like button
  • Cross promote by sending email campaigns and reminders to “like” your page
  • 500-1000 fans is the amount of fans where you start to see most interaction
  • Sponsored stories (paid product) can help gain likes by 40%
You can view this hour long webinar by following this link .  For more information on how to implement any of the above ideas into your existing Facebook page contact Jessica Sala at Sala Social Marketing.  We have many different strategic social media marketing plans at a variety of price points.

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